DesignLab: Plantly Concept

I enjoy taking online courses in all areas of design to build on my existing knowledge and discover new, creative approaches to visual problem-solving. So when an interest sparked to dip my toes in user interface and user experience design, I instantly registered for DesignLab's User Interface Design course.

DesignLab's course educates students on UI design fundamentals as well as UX principles, while simultaneously assigning workflow and design exercises that coincide with the process of designing a real mobile app. So, using the culmination of new information from the course plus with my existing knowledge, I designed an app that offers plant care information and a watering schedule. While working one-on-one with a program mentor (someone who actually works in the product design field) – and through an organized, structured process – I brainstormed, researched, conceptualized, designed, tested, and prototyped the app idea. 

user interface

user experience

creative direction

design system

user testing





Behind the scenes of Plantly